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Gone, But Never Forgotten

Hello friends,

I’ve missed you! Yesterday marked 4 months since Skyla passed. I told myself “I need to say hello on Tripawds, ASAP!” I’ve been meaning to for quite some time, but as many of you know, it’s hard to subject yourself to writing about the painful topic of a friend lost.

My life has been on a new path, with Skyla guiding me like a compass. I recently landed a job at Ruffwear, a long time dream of mine! She would’ve loved coming to work there too. It’s a wonderful feeling to be apart of a team with a vision I believe in so passionately. The products are very special to me, as so many of them accompanied Skye and I on our adventures during her prime, and assisted her through the changes the last summer of her life brought on. If anyone needs customer support, please be sure to ask for me (Rachel) at Ruffwear!

I have also pushed myself to pursue the volunteer work that feeds the soul. I spent a week at an animal sanctuary in California earlier this month. I have a volunteer trip planned to Best Friends Animal Society in beautiful southern Utah in April as well. That is another dream of mine that I will finally achieve!

Along with these feel-good moments, I’ve been laced with sadness. The grief really does ebb and flow. The waves can be overwhelming, but the sea finally calms enough for me to catch my breath. Skyla was a huge part of my identity, and I guess you could say I’m still learning who I am without her here. A long time friend of mine gifted me a beautiful bracelet engraved with the words “once by my side, forever in my heart.” I wear it every day and often reach to touch it in those moments when I’m feeling the loneliness.

This is the price we pay for loving so deeply, and I wouldn’t change a thing. She is worth every bit of it.

I am forever grateful for Tripawds!

All the best,

Rae & Angel Skyla


  • #   benny55 on 01.27.18 at 6:46 pm     Reply

    No, never, ever forgotten!!! I’m sooo glad you posted as you and sweet Skyla are always close in our hearts.

    No worries about not posting. We know it’s hard. At the same rime, it gives you a chance ro be with those of us who got to know Skyla and who know how deep your love for her is…and here for you. We understand how the waves of grief hit you out of the blue. And we understand the gratitude for having her in your life and the beauty of all memories shared.

    It also gave me the opportunity to realize I had missed a couple of your blogs, and I’m really sorry for that. I know your agony was unbearable when you knew you needed to “make the appointment”. The vlogs go up and down so quickly it just wasn’t enough time for many of us to see it. You KNOW we all would have been “by your side enmasse”.

    Your blog abput how you hiked “with Skyla” a d took her ashes to some of the beautiful places you and she loved.

    One of my most favorite pictures of Skyla (and they’re all pretty much my favorite!) is the one on her birthday where she’s smiling happily in Nature’s field with the beautiful snow-capped mountain in the background.

    And to know now that Skyla led you to a wonderful job with Ruffwear…WOW!!! You are going to be such an asset to them!! To be working with a company who done so much to improve the lives of tripawds…WOW!! 🙂

    I love that you have that wonderful bracelet as a touchstone to remind you she’s always with you.

    Thank you so much for connecting. You and Skyla are ALWAYS family and are ALWAYS a part of this community. Skyla’s life matters to us.

    And share more pictures (love the one on this ppst)’and more of her adventures 🙂

    Oh, and how has Skyla made her presence in energy form known to you? Well, obviously guiding you to Ruffwear is a pretty darn big sign! 🙂

    Love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • #   jerry on 02.07.18 at 11:50 pm     Reply

    We are so happy for you Rae, working at Ruffwear seems like it would be so cool. Congrats!

    The grieving process is long and full of ups and downs, but somewhere your sweet girl is watching all that you’re achieving and becoming, and she is so proud. You passed all her lessons with flying colors and you’re a better person because of it. In that way, Skyla will always be part of your life (and ours too!).

    You must write about the volunteer experience at Best Friends! We’ve never been, it would be too hard with Wyatt. So we’ll live it vicariously through you!

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