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One Month Ampuversary is HERE!

Hello friends! Today is a WONDERFUL day of celebration. Skyla’s one month ampuversary is here! This is such a milestone, and I’m sure many of you can relate. It’s that time that you imagined before surgery when everything would hopefully be back to a new normal. I’m pleased to say that new normal already came, […]

Just Keep Hopping, Hopping, Hopping…

Hi friends! Skyla gives a big WOOF as well! This girl is in fine spirits these days. I’ve seen a little bit of play, some belly exposure for pets, tail wags, and working her tricks for treats once again (she loves “sit pretty” now since she’s so light up front! Ha!). We went down to […]

Almost 3 Weeks Post-Op – Life Is Good!

Howdy friends! The weekend is here! Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since surgery for Skyla girl. She is continuing to do great! Sure, the progress has slowed down compared to the first two weeks. but we still see our little victories every day. Her mood has really picked up lately! She doesn’t seem “depressed” or […]

2 Weeks Post-Op – What A Difference!

Hello friends! We had a great weekend! Today marks 2 weeks since surgery, hooray! It feels so recent and yet so long ago. Skyla has made huge strides. Every day I feel like she “comes back” a little more. She’s getting smoother and more comfortable hopping around. That tail has been wagging more and more! […]