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Just Keep Hopping, Hopping, Hopping…

Hi friends!

Skyla gives a big WOOF as well! This girl is in fine spirits these days. I’ve seen a little bit of play, some belly exposure for pets, tail wags, and working her tricks for treats once again (she loves “sit pretty” now since she’s so light up front! Ha!).

We went down to the Deschutes River and dipped our feet a few evenings ago. Boy, did she like that! She met a nice family who used to have a Tripawd as well, and they absolutely fell in love with her. After all that excitement, she was pretty wore out. ZZZZZs….

The summer heat has been pushing on, so I filled up the kiddy pool for the pups, which is the equivalent of a torture chamber in their minds. Silly dogs. I bribed them both in with treats somehow!

Our goal for this week is to go for a little (and I mean, LITTLE) walk of some sort every day. She doesn’t seem very motivated to leave our house on “paw,” so I may try driving her to a new spot as the smells and scenery change really do the trick. If nothing else, some treats intermittently are not a bad way of encouraging her along either 😉

I’m still a bit worried about her back left knee or leg. It seems she doesn’t put much weight on it; I can’t tell if I’m imagining things or if she over strained it at some point. I have some extra anti-inflammatory pills left, so I may try a little trial and see if that makes a difference. She moves so goofy now it is REALLY hard to tell!

We hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer days too!


Rae & Skyla


  • #   schlomo on 07.12.17 at 7:17 pm     Reply

    YAY SKYLA! She looks good! I love that she was able to dip her feet in the water, it’s the perfect relief 🙂

    It’s her left front that was amputated and her left hind is sensitive? It’s the same with Schlomo on the right. Will she let you extend it?

    I am really excited to see how she is doing. Is she sitting upright in that picture? It cracks me up.

    Much love,
    Mascha & Schlomo

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.19.17 at 4:22 pm     Reply

      Hi friends!

      You got it right: left front amp with a left hind not doing as much work. How’s Schlomo doing now? She didn’t seem to mind me extending it to much, but she of course tenses up just wondering what I might be up to, haha. It seems like it’s okay now. I think I might’ve been imagining things. Since she leans more to the right now, it would make sense that the left would look slack.

      And yes, she is sitting upright like a little bear! I can’t get enough. She was also sitting on the edge of her bed which made it that much funnier! What would we do without them?


      Rae & Skyla

  • #   rikntracy on 07.12.17 at 9:58 pm     Reply

    Skyla is definitely in fine spirits! I love to share her adventures. She’s so lucky to have you.

    And I love the sitting pretty picture!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.19.17 at 4:23 pm     Reply

      Thank you, Tracy & Zatoichi! I’ve been enjoying your recent pics as well! Especially of Zatoichi rolling on his back. She was doing that the other day too, and it just warms my heart.

      Take care!

      Rae & Skyla

  • #   jerry on 07.19.17 at 3:28 pm     Reply

    Aww look at that strong girl! The fact that she can sit pretty like that says TONS about her core strength. Your girl is FIT. Keep an eye on that back left leg. I’ll bet it’s just the way her body is compensating.

    Adorable photos, it’s so pretty where you live!

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.19.17 at 4:25 pm     Reply

      I think she’s definitely more fit than me ;)) I’ve chalked up the left hind to me imagining things now! It seems just fine. I think she’s just leaning heavy to the right most of the time, making that left hind more slack. Whew, what a relief.

      Thanks so much! We sure love Central Oregon and all of it’s beauty! Absolute paradise for outdoorsy people and dogs like we are.


      Rae & SKyla

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