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Day 10 – Bandage-Free

Hello again! We had the best vet appointment in awhile on Tuesday – Skyla’s bandage got snipped! The doctor and I were both pleasantly surprised and even shocked at how well her incision looked just one week post-op. He asked to see her walk outside, and she was hopping along so fast I could hardly […]

Day 7 Post-Op – First Day Out & About

We made it one week – woot woot! Skyla had a quick appointment with our regular (holistic) vet today. She was so excited to go for a car ride and have a change of scenery. I couldn’t believe how smoothly she jumped into my car! To celebrate, we went to the Starbucks drive-thru for a […]

Day 4 Post-Op – Skyla is TOUGH!

Hello friends! We are now on day 4 post-op. I’m feel really optimistic right now! Skyla has been absolutely amazing. The past few days we have seen significant improvement in her mobility every time we go out. She’s figured out how to readjust herself in her bed when she gets uncomfortable, and getting up and […]

Day 2 Post-Op – How Good It Is To Have Her Home!

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was Skyla’s first day home, and what a change she went through already! The first half of the day, as I reported, she was very drugged and sleepy. Once the afternoon rolled around and the anesthesia and Morphine wore off, it was a whole different story. She became very restless and agitated, […]

Skyla’s Surgery Day Arrived!

Hello friends! I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately, and I apologize for taking so long to update. I think my anxiety about the upcoming surgery was getting to me. I was ready to get it behind us! Skyla had her leg amputated yesterday, June 19th. The surgery went smoothly, no complications whatsoever. We had […]