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22 Jun 2017, 3:37am


Day 2 Post-Op – How Good It Is To Have Her Home!

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Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was Skyla’s first day home, and what a change she went through already!

The first half of the day, as I reported, she was very drugged and sleepy. Once the afternoon rolled around and the anesthesia and Morphine wore off, it was a whole different story. She became very restless and agitated, but after a much-needed (outside – yay!) pee, she settled back in and got some quality rest.

A full belly and evening pain meds set us up for a pretty darn good overnight, all things considered. I was concerned that she wouldn’t relieve herself before bedtime, but this lady held it allllll the way through. I think she was too tired to make the effort, but too aware to use the potty pad inside. We were awake a few times in the night, needing some readjusting and comfort, but otherwise we both slept right on through. I, of course, slept right next to her on the floor. We all do that, right?! It just seems like a given when you’re in love with your pooch.

Today we saw a huge improvement in both her ability and willingness to walk. I’ve been assisting with a fleece scarf around her front end, and my boyfriend Andre started off by assisting her backend with a towel. As I’m writing, we are now only using the scarf, and just as a fall back, really. She is determined! She is taking on the steps going inside and out so well, it blows my mind. Down is a bit trickier than up. She says it still “ain’t no thang”.Β She even sat up on her own to greet me when I arrived home!

Skyla is so true to the Rottweiler personality: loyal, strong, determined.

This whole experience has been a roller coaster, as I’m sure so many can relate. I was a mess of tears dropping her off for surgery. Between the support that we’ve had and feeling her strength pass on to me, I’m feeling far more optimistic and confident than I ever imagined I would this early on. It’s all up from here.

More updates to come soon! Much love to all our friends! XOXO!

Rae & Skyla

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You got this Skyla girl! πŸ’•πŸΎ It is a roller
coaster of emotions but it sounds as though your girl is resilient and determined. She’ll be living her TriPawds life to the fullest before you know it.

Jeanette, Angel Boone & Boone’s Earthly Didekick Tick πŸ’•πŸŒˆπŸΎ

22 Jun 2017, 6:05am
by raeandskyla


I can’t wait for those happy, healthy, feel-good days to be here! In the meantime, I’m cherishing the happy moments. Thanks for the encouragement! <3

22 Jun 2017, 4:54am
by otisandtess


So glad she is doing well! You might see a bit of a crash around day 3 – 5 when the hospital pain meds wear off. Many of us worked with our vet to adjust pain med dosage at that time. But, by day 10 – 14, most dogs have really started to perk up. For now, lots of rest amd short leashed potty breaks. And yes, many of us slept on mattresses on the floor during recovery!

22 Jun 2017, 6:07am
by raeandskyla


I’ve been reading about this possible “crash” ahead – thanks for the heads up. I can see that being really concerning, so it’s great to be aware. We will get in touch with our vets right away if that is happening, and see about adjusting those dosages/adding an additional med on board. Thank you for sharing! <3

YAAAAY! That is really wonderful to know she’s doing so well. Not all dogs will crash and slow down, but if she does at least you’ve been educating yourself about what to expect. Good job!


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