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Almost 3 Weeks Post-Op – Life Is Good!

Howdy friends!

The weekend is here! Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since surgery for Skyla girl. She is continuing to do great! Sure, the progress has slowed down compared to the first two weeks. but we still see our little victories every day.

Her mood has really picked up lately! She doesn’t seem “depressed” or as quiet as she was last week. I’m still trying to get her to play toys again, but I know it’ll come back eventually. She seems very comfortable, has her full appetite back, gets up and moves around freely, etc. My only concern as of late is it looks like one of her rear legs may be bothering her slightly since yesterday. I’m just keeping an eye on it at this point. It’s very subtle, or possibly just my imagination. We had an unexpected neighbor visitor yesterday, and both Skyla and her bro Clyde raceddown the driveway to check out the other dog. She may have pushed herself a little too hard¬†then.¬†

I’m not sure if I mentioned it previously, but aside from owning an on and off-leash dog hiking business, I also work part time at a local natural pet food store. We just got in a new toy from West Paw Design called the Qwizl. I was really excited because I knew right away it would help her chew on bully sticks, etc. with only one front paw. Sure enough, works like a charm! If you’re interested, they are a fantastic US company who makes their toys right in Montana. They also have a one-time chew replacement guarantee!

The week my goal is to get her out for a “walk” every morning and evening, encouraging her to go a little further each time. We are also going to go for a dip in a lake or river! With those staples out now, we are definitely ready to cool down in some water!

Have a wonderful rest of July!

Rae & Skyla


  • #   Codie Rae on 07.09.17 at 11:35 pm     Reply

    Wooohooooo Skyla!! So hoppy to hear how great you are doing. You are right on schedule girlfriend! But try to remember to take it easy for a LITTLE bit more, ‘K??Xoxo,
    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:24 pm     Reply

      Thanks so much, Cody Rae & the Pack! :)) XOXO

  • #   izzysmomma on 07.09.17 at 11:42 pm     Reply

    OooOoOo that chew holder thingy looks like a “must have” for front amps. Izzy has struggled with having just one front paw when it comes to that kind of treat so I may have to check that out!!!

    Great update on Skyla! Hope she continues to do well!

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:24 pm     Reply

      Definitely check it out! So awesome! Thanks for the good thoughts! :))

  • #   rikntracy on 07.10.17 at 1:12 am     Reply

    Skyla, you look so beautiful and happy! We’re thrilled for you!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:25 pm     Reply

      Thanks so much, Tracy & Zatoichi! So sweet of you to say!

  • #   misterrustybucket on 07.10.17 at 2:12 am     Reply

    Skyla looks amazing! I am so happy she is feeling better with those staples out. Thanks for telling us about the Quizl, that’s such a smart idea and sounds like a good company – love the one chew guarantee. I think Skyla will just do better and better everyday.
    Love, Amy & Rusty

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:26 pm     Reply

      Thank you, Amy & Rusty! Ya’ll are awesome! We definitely have the hardest part behind us now! :))

  • #   Super Stu! on 07.10.17 at 6:12 am     Reply

    Hi Skyla
    My name is Stewie and I have been reading your progress. I am super impressed and totally encouraged.
    I am a little unsure what’s going to happen tomorrow, but my Mum and Dad have been pretty nervous (& cranky!) all day. They have been giving me a gazillion treats and I certainly am not complaining about that!
    They tell me that I have to have my front left leg removed, just like you! I’m trying to tell them that even though I’m scared about the whole prospect of the future, I can’t wait to get rid of this terrible ache in my bone!
    Thank you so much for posting your incredible story. It has given my Mummy a whole lot of positivity!
    I hope to read more about you in the future. In the meantime my Mum is trying to figure out how to use this Tripawds site and will be posting my story and pictures.
    Take good care of yourself Skyla! Keep putting that great attitude out there! You’re a true inspiration!
    All the best from me and my HuMum, Petra.

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:32 pm     Reply

      Hi Petra & Stewie!

      I’m so sorry for my super slow response. I sure hope things went smoothly for you! If you see this, please share the link if you’ve started a blog or forum post as I would LOVE to follow along on your journey as well.

      I’m overjoyed that our journey has been helpful for you. I couldn’t have done this without the support of others, and I can only hope to be half as helpful as everyone else has so THANK YOU!

      Sending lots and lots of healing, positive, feel-good vibes your way, to both of you during this difficult time. It gets better, so hang in there!


      Rae & Skyla

  • #   jerry on 07.10.17 at 11:33 pm     Reply

    Love love love the Westpaw toy. They are a great company, thanks for letting us know about their latest. It’s perfect for Tripawds! We’ll definitely share that info.

    As for Skyla, she just looks so hoppy to get back into summer. I’m thrilled she’s out with her buds and hope that the leg isn’t an issue. Keep us posted but more importantly get out and enjoy summer!

    • #   raeandskyla on 07.12.17 at 4:34 pm     Reply

      Aren’t they awesome?! I was so happy the toy came out just in time!

      I too am thrilled that she’s starting to enjoy her life again in new and old ways. Today I’m still trying to figure out if her leg/knee is bothering her, or if its just my imagination. Her dad gets home tonight, so I’m hoping a fresh pair of knowing eyes will help figure it out! Thanks so much, enjoy your summer as well! :))

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