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2 Weeks Post-Op – What A Difference!

Hello friends!

We had a great weekend! Today marks 2 weeks since surgery, hooray! It feels so recent and yet so long ago. Skyla has made huge strides. Every day I feel like she “comes back” a little more. She’s getting smoother and more comfortable hopping around. That tail has been wagging more and more! She is completely off her pain meds now, and showing absolutely no signs of any pain. Wednesday she’ll get her staples removed. We can’t wait to show everyone how well she is doing!

We went camping a few nights ago, something I was a little nervous about taking her along for. However, this girl loves to just relax outside, and that’s all any of us were really hoping for. She did fantastic! She trekked all over to explore and really wore herself out. She sleeps so sound anyways, but she was REALLY relaxed after all that hard work! I think it is so good for her mentality to feel like she is not hindered.

We’ll be sure to share some updated incision pics once those pesky staples are old news.

Until then, XOXO!

Rae & Skyla


  • #   hester on 07.03.17 at 4:19 pm     Reply

    What glorious photos you’ve shared! Really happy she is doing so well and that has to be making you feel so much better!


  • #   Jeanette on 07.03.17 at 5:53 pm     Reply

    I love seeing these pictures of the beautiful Skyla! She’s recovering so well and enjoying life to the fullest.

    Keep sharing <3.

    Jeanette, Angel Boone and Boone's Earthly Sidekick Tuck

  • #   rikntracy on 07.03.17 at 6:52 pm     Reply

    Yay, Skyla! She is having such a good time. We’re so glad she is doing well :).

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  • #   jerry on 07.04.17 at 3:45 pm     Reply

    Oooooh that camping trip was good for her soul and it shows. Good for you for taking time to be together and in nature. It’s the best medicine there is. Keep up the great job helping Skyla heal. YAY!

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